What is PT-141?

Bremelanotide PT-141 is a peptide originally developed as a sunless tanning agent, but is known as a libido and erection neuropeptide. It is a melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH) that affects sexual arousal, aiding enhanced libido levels and penile erections. Unlike Viagra or Cialis, PT-141 is not a PDES inhibitor, and it does not target the vascular system. Instead, it acts on the nervous system via activation of neurons in the hypothalamus to increase sexual desire.

PT-141 is available at Herzog Vitality as a tablet and has been known to lead to increased libido and enhanced sexual desire.

What Are Potential Benefits of PT-141?

  • Increase libido in women
  • Enhanced vigor and sexual desire
  • Elevated degrees of sexual gratification
  • Strengthened penile erections
  • Skin tanning
  • Mood enhancement
  • Stronger climax
  • Helps to increase energy levels
  • Helps with lack of sexual desire in both men and women

IS PT-141 right for you?

PT-141 is a peptide supplement that is meant to increase libido and sexual desire. If you are experiencing low levels of sexual desire and gratification, then PT-141 might be the solution for you. Request an appointment or give us a call to learn more about PT-141 and how it could be a beneficial peptide treatment for you.

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