What is 5 amino 1 mq?

5 Amino 1 MQ is a peptide treatment that is considered a fat burning “helper”. It works to deter the body from depositing more fat in trouble areas. By doing so, it allows the body to help metabolize and oxidize current fat store. This is not stimulant-based and will not create a jitter-filled energy effect. When used in conjunction with increased physical activity and a cleaner diet, you should see great results. 

The 5 Amino 1 MQ peptide treatment is available at Herzog Vitality Center as a tablet, and has been known to help burn fat and reduce the size of existing fat stores in the body. Beginner dosing starts at 100mg per day, and Herzog Vitality Center can help determine the proper treatment plan, depending on your individual needs.

What Are Potential Benefits of 5 Amino 1 MQ?

  • Can reverse diet-induced obesity
  • Can treat related metabolic conditions
  • Can increase cellular energy regulators
  • Can prevent lipogenesis, or fat accumulation
  • Can increase NAD+ and SAM concentrations in fat cells
  • Can regulate energy expenditure in fat cells

IS 5 amino 1 mq Right for you?

5 Amino 1 MQ is perfect for those who have trouble burning fat are holding onto excess fat in the body, as well as improving metabolic function. If you need help with burning fat or reducing fat stores, 5 Amino 1 MQ could be the solution for you. Request an appointment or give us a call to learn more about 5 Amino 1 MQ and how it could be a beneficial peptide treatment for you.

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